Friday, March 01, 2013

First of All

In the 1990's, there was a tremendous call to prayer. Books were written. Sermons were preached. It especially looked toward the new millennium as a crucial time. 

Prayer does seem to have the same fervent emphasis it used to. Does prayer not work? Or did we lose focus, excitement and enthusiasm for it? 

I confess my own prayer life has taken a nose dive. But I have recognized it, and tried to remedy it.

Part of what is sparking my desire to renew my commitment to prayer are parts of Scripture like this message to our young leader.

Paul say "first of all" -- first priority, first choice, first in this list of important practices -- pray for everybody. Prayer ought to be on the forefront of our thinking, our reactions and our choices.

But there is more. We should pray for everybody. We should pray for the benefit and profit of everybody. We should pray for their good.

Moreover, we should be thankful for everybody.

And we should apply think to our political leaders in particular.

Imagine -- on the day of the sequester, in the midst of the political climate in America -- Jesus followers getting on their knees and beseeching the Lord of All for the good of people ... including Congress! including the president! Then, searching their hearts to find something about "those people" to be grateful to God for!

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