Sunday, March 10, 2013

Church - III

Part of "Christian consumerism" is the idea that it is the responsibility of Christian professionals to make us happy, facilitate our growth and serve Jesus for us.

One of the commands of Jesus is to "make disciples." The process of making disciples is:
● proclaim Jesus to the world;
● baptize  (which, in part, demonstrates a change of allegiance and an identification with Jesus' family);
● develope a lifestyle of learning and obeying his commands (which includes the command to make disciples).

We are all supposed to be disciples who make disciples. We are all supposed to be responsible for facilitating growth and spiritual care for one another. In other words, we are all pastors. And we are all mutually responsible for one another. We cannot say because Iam not a professional, I am not responsible for proclaiming Christ, or being part of the planting-harvesting cycle. The family is responsible for cooperating with God in completing his mission.

Ultimatley, it is foolish to hold any person responsible for the growth of another person. Spiritual growth requires a work deep in the heart of a person. And only God is strong enough to change hearts.

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