Friday, March 08, 2013

Church - II

I ran into a term the other day that intrigues me: "Christian consumerism." It is not trying to describe religious buying habits, but a mind-set and attitude about church.

There is a large segment of Christianity today that view people like customers. Churches compete with each other to attract the largest crowds. They put on the biggest show, have the best band, and the most charismatic and gifted speakers.

And there are individuals who consider this as right and proper. They go to a particular church, because they get their senses tickled. The worship gives them a greater emotional high. The speakers are more entertaining. And if they are not being "fed" at a level that meets their expectations, the move on to find one that does.

I have recently discuss what a church is: family, body, community, army and team. A member of a family or body cannot simply opt out. A team or an army are not judged by how well they entertain the "troops." They are judged by performance, cohesiveness and attaining the goals of their mission.

The mind-set of much of the modern church is to be served. But Jesus said I am here to serve. And we are supposed to be like Jesus.

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