Saturday, March 30, 2013

For Us

(NOTE: As I point out in my profile, I post on this blog what I happen to be thinking about. I am reading a book by Greg Nettle and Alex Absolam. They are describing a simple "formula" they use to facilitate understanding of the process of disciple making. So, the next few posts are me thinking my way through this "formula." The basic concept is definitely theirs. And I may have begun, in some spots, with their example. I intend to proceed a little further down the path. So hopefully most of the discussion will be mine.)

It is hard for some people to imagine, but God is for us. God wants our success. God wants us to be successful. God wants us to be happy, to have good relationships, to achieve our dreams and never fail.

We can see this in several ways. First, he created for us a perfect environment. It was designed to meet all our needs. It gives physcial provision, emotional provision and psychological provision.

Second, he designed us to succeed. He designed us to live like Jesus did, when he was in human form. He designed us to flow in the fruit of the Spirit. We should perfectly express love, patience, gentleness, kindness and goodness. We were supposed to be perfectly faithful and disciplined. We were supposed to experience perfect joy and peace.

Even when our first ancestors chose not to follow God and became rebels against his rule, he chose to save us. He chose to pay the penalty for our rebellion himself. He chose to redeem our lives from waste and vanity. He chose to bring us into his family.

And after he completed the work of salvation, he continues to work with us to bring his reality into our lives in some measure.

At the end of time, he will bring us to be with him forever, to a place he is currently preparing.

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