Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Vine and Branches - III

I have been trying to conceive of a picture where my relationship with God is based on relationship, rather than a to-do list. Religion is a to-do list: read your bible, go through your prayer points, attend church, give your tithe, and, maybe, share the gospel. (I hope anyone reading this realizes that all those things listed above are good things. Indeed, there are things we should do. As I have written previously, it is probably motivation and other heart qualities that are affected most, not the actions.)

So, if a relationship is not a to-do list, then what is it?

As I poked at, last post, one element is a mutual concern for each others' heart. If we are concerned for each others' heart, we seek to:
  • Understand.
  • Discover ways to build the heart. 
  • Avoid things that damage the heart. 
  • Avoid things that block the connection between the two hearts.
Maybe, the most definition of “mutual concern for each others' heart” is “love.”

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