Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vine and Branches - V(b)

Open-hearted communication is first and foremost about openness. Our life in God can only grow as we are willing to let him in. Connected close with openness is honesty. (Or maybe it is another way to describe openness.)

Dishonesty is one way of closing our hearts from God. It is one way of hiding our hearts. We can say, "No, I'm not like that." Or "I don't have that." Or "It's not that bad." Or we can just ignore it.

Dishonesty is like finding an ugly toad in your yard. You decide you can't have this ugly thing around, so you paint it bright pink to make it beautiful. In reality, you make it worse.

Honesty is telling yourself the truth ... good, bad or indifferent. Honesty is being humble with what you can do, or what you can't do. Honesty is knowing you need help, and asking for it. 

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