Sunday, May 25, 2014

Vine and Branches - VII

These are probably the big three of relationship: heart concern, open communication and commonality. Commonalities provide a platform to build a relationship on. Open communication is the vehicle. Heart concern is the motivation.

Because God loves us, he is always seeking to communicate with us.  He sometimes communicates about our failures. He sometimes gives marching orders. Most of the time, he is trying to reveal his heart to us. And as one person put it: "to know him is to love him."

As we connect to the Father, his love flows back in response, healing our heart, re-wiring our DNA, and transforming our lives. Transformation advances his purposes, but it also restores us closer to our original design. The more we advance his purposes, the more his love embraces more people.  The more we are transformed, the more we are restored to original design.  The more we are restored, the better it is for us. We are healthier, happier,  more whole, and more at peace. It is founded on God communicating his love to us. And he communicates his love to us, as he tells us who he is. As I said before,  he communicates many things to us. First and foremost,  he is trying to saturate our minds and hearts with: he is love, he gives love, and he wants us to know him and it.

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