Saturday, May 17, 2014

Vines and Branches - VI

Another aspect of relationship is an area held in common. People getting married have a mutual attraction. People in business together have a mutual vision for profit. Friends can all sorts of mutual interests: stamps, music, sports, crafts. The question in the relationship between God and man is, of course, what is that common area?

In most other relationships, there is giving and receiving. In our relationship with God, there is really nothing to give someone who is all-sufficient. Much of our relationship is recognizing the truth of God's worldview and synchronizing our worldview with his. So, we develop the same worldview, values, priorities, mission and character.

There is a mutuality of love. The expression of love on God's part is a heart renovation -- including the initial reconciliation between God and our selves, when we gave him our allegiance, so we can fulfill the items on the above list.

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