Saturday, May 10, 2014

Vine and Branches - IV

Often, people get into a trap of believing that they need to obey God’s commands to convince God to accept them.
One, God will never accept us on the based on our obedience, because we have already shown we are total flops in that area.

Two, God has already accepted us, because of the cross and Jesus. And just to make sure we get it, Scripture declares that those who give their allegiance to Jesus are:
  • Given life.
  • Chosen to belong to God’s family.
  • Chosen to be Jesus’ friend. 
  • Chosen to be part of Jesus’ body.
  • In Christ … same position, same status, regarded in the same way. 
  • Citizen of God’s kingdom.
  • Complete … which means we need nothing more. 
  • Dearly loved.
  • Forgiven, justified, redeemed and sealed.
  • New, salt and light.
  • United\yoked with Jesus.
Is obedience important? Yes. But, once, we choose Jesus, obedience takes on an entirely new motivation, basis and rationale. Obedience is not to get God to accept us; it is to demonstrate God’s love and nature.

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