Monday, January 28, 2013


As always, because of the juxtaposition of a few things, I find myself wondering what does God think a disciple is.

In the Bible, there is a history of the early church, beginning with the ascension of Jesus and continuing with the lives of his earliest and closest followers. Right at the beginning, there is a list of things these followers focused on, were committed to be engaged in, and the characteristics of their lives.

First, they focused on the apostle's teaching. What was God saying to people? What was his message to his family, his followers?

Disciples need to hear what God says. True transformation is powered by the Holy Spirit, and falls within the boundaries of the Bible. I have mentioned God's design of people a lot. I don't think that God quite puts "schematics" in the Bible. (For one, people are so different from one another.) But if people obey what the Spirit guides them into, from the Bible, the Spirit will empower transformation, and the restoration of God's original design in people. (Though it will be a continuing work in progress in this life.)

Not only is there direction for personal transformation, but there is direction for the whole family of God, and direction for his mission.

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