Monday, January 14, 2013

Spiritual Warfare - IX

We briefly defined prayer as an opening of heart, a giving and taking of what is on those hearts, between God and man. It is in prayer that the real-time interaction of relationship takes place. Here, people agree and align their hearts with God.


I think prayer takes place in numerous places, outside of church and the prayer closet. Prayer at all times and in every situation is urged. Such prayer is probably physically impossible. But a heart focused toward God, expressing itself in coherent words and thoughts, and in incoherent emotions, can, and probably does, happen more often than we are aware of. And God responds more often than we are aware of.


Prayer is a way we can influence event and situations beyond our immediate surroundings and abilities. We can participate in God’s mission by agreeing with God’s work in people’s lives. We can counteract the devil’s work by seeking and being alert to God’s responses. We can affirm and declare as true, what we know is right, in agreement with God’s truth and God’s will.


This is prayer. And it ought to be practiced at all times, in all occasions and events. God’s truth, Spirit and love should be expressed in everything.

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