Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Spiritual Warfare - IV

We have truth: the nature of God, the nature of the world, the nature of people, what pleases God and what displeases God. We have specific truth about how we are positioned in God and how we are status in God’s family. But truth needs activation. And faith is the activator.


It is our choices that demonstrate what we believe in – whether truth or lies – and give power to what we believe in. If someone walks into a dark room, and he wants light, he shows his belief by wiggling a small piece of plastic by the door. This wiggling releases power and light into the room.


So, we need to learn to activate the power of the truth. To activate truth a person needs to be reminded of it. So, a person needs to be familiar with it. That’s why continuous reading and memorization are effective helps.


Once, reminded, a person should act on the truth. This could mean taking a specific course of action. It could mean a simple affirmation and confirmation of the truth in your heart. It could mean – to make the truth more real, more definite – making a verbal, out loud proclamation of truth.


Activating truth will always require a realization of truth and an acting on the truth.

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