Monday, January 14, 2013

Spiritual Warfare - VIII

When this area is usually discussed, there is one main "item" that is usually included. I mention it this way, because I am wondering if Paul intended it to be included ... or is he changing subjects? What makes me wonder is that Paul stops using the figurative language that he was using to discuss the other items. He speaks about this item plainly.

It's not that this is is not important or relevant. It is both.

The item is prayer. Prayer is commonly defined as "communicating with God." A person opens his heart to God. He tells God what he wants, what he thinks and what he feels. He explains his perspective. He enlists God's cooperation.

Prayer is the arena where a person agrees with God. He learns what God wants. He aligns his life and direction with God's. Which means people need to be able to receive from God.

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