Saturday, January 05, 2013

Spiritual Warfare - VI

We cannot remove the penalty for sin. We cannot negate the power and effects of sin. Only God can do these things. It is the power of God's Spirit in individuals, in societies and in cultures that create transformation.

And it is God's Word that expresses the means and results of that transformation. God's Word is compared to a sharp sword, cutting through all that opposes it. The Spirit uses God's Word - his commands, promises and declarations - to cut through opposition. It also defines how God's kingdom is composed and built.

These are the two entities that God uses to build his kingdom: his Spirit and his Word. We talked about vital truth is. God's Word is an expression of God's perspective on truth. God's kingdom will be created in agreement with God's Word
This is why we should know God's Word. This is why we need to practice it and obey it. A life of obedience  counteracts the schemes of the evil one, because it lives in agreement with God's kingdom. It loosens Satan's hold in our lives. It strengthens God's flow through us.

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