Friday, January 11, 2013

Spiritual Warfare - VII

When Satan lies to you, attempts to convince you that you have no worth, or that you are a hopeless sinner, remember the truth of God. Remember God’s love, God’s power over Satan and power over sin. Remember God’s Spirit in your life marking you as a member of God’s family.

Remember your standing in God. You have entered into a love relationship with god, based on the death of Jesus. And if it seems like you are far from God, remember he is not far from you. It is a relationship he chose with you.

Remember the peace God established with you. He has called you. He began the relationship with you, so now you are no longer his enemy.

Remember that although the penalty for sin has been paid, we are still living in the midst of sin. Sin has not been totally eradicated. We are in process.

Remember God’s command. Remember God’s promises. Remember God’s declarations. Act on them. Practice them.

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