Thursday, April 04, 2013

One of Us - 2

By final provision, I do not mean the last time, or the last action. Jesus has continued to provide for us, since we have chosen to follow him, since he was nailed to the cross. By final, I mean ultimate. By final, I mean decisive and conclusive.


The cross does draw a line. By choosing to follow the way of the cross and Jesus, we step across that line. We become part of the family of Jesus.


In our identification with Jesus, it is helpful to draw that line. We focus our hearts on him. We are connected to him.


But, Jesus does not want us to strictly and entirely identify with him. He has called us to identify with others in the Jesus-family. He has also called us to identify with those not in the Jesus-family. And drawing the line is not helpful in that case.


Viewing people across that line, we see their otherness. We see differences. We see ways we do not and cannot connect with. But Jesus commands for us to connect with them. Like Jesus became one of us, we are to become one of them.


We should sympathize. We should be examples. We should draw near, feed, encourage and heal. As we become one of, people should see God more clearly, more vividly, more really than at any other time in their lives.

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