Friday, April 12, 2013

Priority of Relationship

We have often talked about God’s design and the “fuels” necessary for people to thrive. There are certain fuels people need to survive. And there are others needed to thrive.

The human body could function on a diet of French fries. But it would not thrive on such a diet. To thrive, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables ought to be included.

The human spirit works the same way. There are many things that could be “consumed” in our hearts that we could exist on. And people have tried all of them. Drugs, alcohol and porn are at the top of that list. People have also tried putting   money, family, friends, sports and material possessions as the main thing to fuel their  spirits.

But that is not how God designed us. Some of the things mentioned about are toxic to our spirits. And some are good, and God even recommends that they should be included in our lives. But none of them are the main fuel for our hearts. Partaking   of them as the main provision for your heart would be liking eating a diet that consists mostly of French fries for your body.

What is the first commandment? What is the most important commandment, having priority over all the others? It is  not “go to church.” ? It is not “tithe.” ? It is not “share the gospel.” It is to love God.

The foremost ingredient necessary for thriving in our spiritual lives is our relationship with God. He designed us to “feed” off of him. He designed us to need him more than anything else.

And like our bodies, if we are “eating” correctly, we “perform” better. I don’t think we can say if we get a daily time of Bible reading, prayer and worship, that life will be perfect. (How many chapters? How much time? What positions?   On knees? What percentage of what type of prayer?) But I do notice that if I prioritize my time with God (and it is consistent and regular) that my life agrees with Jesus’ life more. And the effect and impact should be greater too.

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