Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Gospel

I am seeing more and more talk about how the current movement of Christians have limited the gospel. They are saying that the gospel is not solely a message of salvation.

For a long time, it seemed that the primary focus was on the salvation aspect of the gospel. The main consideration wa what people could avoid. The main point was what people were saved "from."

There is definitely a "from." We should rejoice that our future is not one of condemnation and punishment.

But all too often the "to" is only heaven. The "to" is relegated to the afterlife. The gospel is not just Jesus' invitation to avoid hell. It is Jesus' invitation to walk with God now. It is Jesus' invitation to live a new life now. It is a call to join and experience the Kingdom now.

God injected us with new life when we came to him. He has spoken to us about this new life, about living our original design. He has given us propositional declarations:
- about how we should live
- about what he will do
- about how he will react
- about what resources he has given to us.

The whole point of these propositional declarations is to enable us to live as we were originally designed, to enjoy a vital relationship with God, to participate in and experience the Kingdom and to weaken the holds of Satan, the world and sin.

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