Monday, April 22, 2013

The Gospel - III

There is a funny kind of balance here. Do's and dont's are not the point, but Jesus gave commands for us to keep. And he said that keeping these commands does show our love for him. Obedience to his commands does build the relationship between God and man.

But keeping the commands is not the point. Paul said that gave gave the Law to show man-kind that we could not keep the Law.

Does God want us to try to do the impossible? Is this some kind of cruel joke? Like the rock of Sisyphus?

I think Jesus gave commands, knowing we could not keep them, but also knowing that without them people would have no where to focus.

There does seem to be a mechanism in people (perhaps it is spiritual, a type of sowing and reaping) that focus accomplishes. The object of focus is drawn to us, and we to it. Focus brings "it" into our lives, and makes "it" part of us. To choose to intentionally practice "it" only serves to make it more real.

Of course, "it" can be anything: love, prayer, giving, etc. But our focus should yield practice. And practice should yield greater reality and transformation.

In this life, we will not achieve perfection. However, without the commands of Jesus, there would be no transformation, no maturing in Christ, no increase in relationship, and perhaps, a sinking into more damaging behavior.

And as transformation is a work of God in the lives of his children, transformation should be celebrated with thanksgiving, worship and praise. 

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