Monday, April 22, 2013

The Gospel - II

As I wrote before, the gospel is not about avoiding hell. It is an invitation to know and walk with God; it is an invitation to join God's family.

There is a large group of people who see Christianity as avoiding a negative afterlife and keeping a list of "do not's".  They see any religion as putting up walls to block people from certain areas. And some of these people regard some of these areas as the source of joy.

But, as we wrote before recently, the prime/first source of life and joy for people, built into  their original design, is their relationship with God.

Afterlife types is not the point. The list of proscriptions is only pertinent as one realizes that there things block or detract from the relationship, which is the point.

If we get hung up on these things, we are moving away from joy, our design and our life. If we get hung up on these things (though, they are important and need to be included in the whole package) we give people a false impression of the gospel and being a disciple.

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