Monday, June 10, 2013

Be The Church - III

I have often pointed out how a book I am reading starts a train of thought. Here is another one. Sometimes I try to write here to clarify in my own thinking what the book is saying. Sometimes I add to thought in the book. Sometimes it's a combination.

First, as we have stated before, the gospel is not just our ticket to heaven. It is an invitation to walk in relationship with God.

Second, God is always active, always speaking to us, always teaching us.

Therefore, God is always speaking into our daily existence, trying to reveal how what happens reveals who he is, and as his nature is in us, who we are ... or who we should be.

We are driving on I95, going 70 MPH, in rush hour traffic. Another car, driving 90 MPH, starting from the extreme left lane flies across traffic to the far right lane. Once there, he flies back to the extreme left lane, missing your front bumper by not quite ten inches,  and manages to pass one (1) of the cars that was in front of him.

There are now thoughts going through your mind. What are those thoughts?
  • "Gosh! That was incredibly skillful driving! He should be in Nascar!"
  • (My personal favorite.) "What are you thinking?"
  • "!!%#@!*$!!"
  • "God, protect that person from injuring himself and others because of his foolish decisions."
Which of these is closer to God's heart? Maybe none of them. Maybe something else all together. Which of these, or others, reveals God's nature? And, therefore, which of these should spontaneously and naturally be expressed from our hearts?

Every day, we encounter people and situations that God intends to reveal who he is, how we should reveal him to others through our lives, where we need to grow, where we need to seek him, needs to meet, people to love, and words to speak. Quite often, these things and people fly under our radar. We don't see them, understand them, act on them ... or act on them correctly.

There is a prayer that monks used to practice. I don't remember its official name, but it was a series of five questions to, in prayer, review the day. (Not the official questions either. Just something to give the idea.) What happened? Who did I meet? Was grace given in any of it? Failures were taken to the cross. Successes were celebrated. And prayer offered for growth in sensitivity and love.

We are following the Great Shepherd. He is leading us in the way we should go. He is the one training, transforming and teaching us. He is always active and always speaking. We need to be ready to stop, listen and reflect ... or we will mis the way.

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