Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Upside-Down Kingdom (Sifting) - III

If part of being the church, being in relationship with God, is God speaking into our life, showing us his nature, or showing us our nature, then he is going to speak to us during a time of suffering, pain or attack. One of our responses during such a time has got to be asking "what is God trying to teach me?"

God's response to us might not always be "rescue." (At least, not what we may perceive to be rescue.) God spoke to Job before restoring his fortunes. God spoke to Paul about his thorn and no mention is made one way or the other if God ever did heal Paul.

Part of forgiveness is the releasing or surrendering of pain we have suffered. Without forgiveness, the pain controls us, and not the love of God. Part of spiritual warfare is Satan poking at our memory, dredging out old pain, and seeking to capture us with it.

There are people whose focus, passion and energy are invested in an offense suffered thirty years ago. They are controlled, not by the offense, but by the memory of the offense. And God says we are to be controlled by what?

We need to apply God's love, grace, wisdom and perspective to each offense, pain, problem or trouble.  

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