Friday, June 14, 2013

Upside-Down Kingdom (Sifting)- IV

We will all at sometime experience offenses, attack, and temptations. These things always aim first at the heart. As the heart goes, so goes the mind and the body.

Our response needs to be a response of the heart. We need to move in agreement with God's perspective.

First of all, we need to remember our dependence. We live under grace, under the cross.  When we chose our allegiance to Christ, we declared our need and reliance on Christ. We continue to live in a state of dependence in our day to day walk with him. It was our choice to surrender to him that defeated sin and death in the first place. It will be our continual surrender to God, regarding continuous attempts by Satan to sift us, that will bring God to apply grace to our hearts.

So, we need to yield in surrender, admitting we cannot stand on our own. Too often, people proclaim God's authority over all creation, including Satan, and God's grace over any situation, only to re-position their hearts to defend themselves with their own determination and willpower.

We defeated Satan in the first place by surrender. We will continue to defeat Satan in any battle of the heart by choosing to surrender to Christ.

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