Thursday, June 20, 2013

Be The Church - IV

My wife’s father has been having health problems the last couple of months. He just got out of the hospital, and she has gone to try and help him get his life re-organized. (He lives around 1000 miles away.)

I am amazed at how dysfunctional everything has gotten. We are at the stage of life where our children have moved out to establish their own life, or they are very involved in their own activities. So, the everyday normalcy of a meal together has gotten near impossible. And, with my wife, the one who organizes, prepares and almost coerces these times\events gone, picking up the pieces has pretty much failed. I have no way to predict what is going to happen.

I have attempted to pick up the pieces, but some things suffer. We have both been encouraged to do some type of exercise daily. It is difficult to find time, when cooking and cleaning should be done. Tending our small garden falls in the same category. (Lettuce and  raspberries will need to be picked soon.)

It makes me wonder if Jesus’ family is like this. As Jesus’ family is Jesus’ body, and each part of the body has its function to carry out to build the body, if a part does not carry out its function, how dysfunctional does the body get? Are there important things that do not get done? Are there people running around trying to pick up the pieces? Is it only the loudest squeaks that get attended to … and the loudest is not necessarily the most important? And like my garden, is there reaping going undone, because our attention is elsewhere?

Jesus’ family is supposed to fill the world to rescue, restore and renew. That should be its main focus. Does where our attention spend most of its time reflect this?

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